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In 2015, our founders realised that there was an environmental, safety and financial need to automate the delivery of explosives across the world.

Since that time, progress has been made on the availability of enabling technologies including perception systems and battery technologies as well as market demand for something different.

By 2021, our founder continued to develop the vehicles and autonomous requirements to physically deliver explosives and other materials in high risk and difficult terrain.

In 2022, ongoing labour challenges and safety incidents continued to plague the explosives services Industry and customers were looking for new answers not available anywhere in the world.

Jevons now has advanced solutions within the market


The Jevons paradox was first described by the English economist Willian Stanley Jevons in his 1865 book The Coal Question.

Jevons observed that England’s consumption of coal soared after the introduction of the Watt steam engine, which greatly improved the efficiency of the coal- fired steam engine.

Watt's innovations made coal a more cost-effective power source, leading to the increased use of the steam engine in a wide range of industries. This in turn increased total coal consumption, even as the amount of coal required for any particular application fell.

Jevons argued that improvements in fuel efficiency tend to increase (rather than decrease) fuel use, writing: "It is a confusion of ideas to suppose that the economical use of fuel is equivalent to diminished consumption.

The very contrary is the truth”

At Jevons Robotics we firmly believe that by making Battery Electric and Autonomous machines more efficiently available to the market, adoption of these technologies for a safer and greener future will accelerate dramatically.


Every member of our team is unique

Our philosophy is finding the best possible person to assist us in delivering individual outcomes  for each and every customer. 

This has meant that our key roles are "location agnostic", with roles within robotics, R&D, engineering, operations, software development, sales & marketing divisions based in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and the UK. 

Head Office is in Perth, Western Australia. 


We’re always looking for high achievers to join our innovations team.
Submit your resume.

Head of Mechanical Design & Engineering

Perth, AUS

Ever wanted to lead the Mechanical design and engineering of some of the most impactful innovation for Industry? 

If you have experience in the design of vehicles and deep knowledge in design of hydraulic systems then send us your CV or reach out for a discussion. 

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