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with Jevons Robotics

"Changing the way the world operates in hazardous environments".


We build hi-tech, robust, wheeled vehicle solutions, specialising in the global mining industry.


Solutions that integrate the latest in technology improvements in Automation, AI, Robotics and Battery Technologies.


We customise the payload to eliminate exposure hours leading to a safer, greener & more productive operation. 

From tele operation through to running a “swarm” of assets from a central control room, the options available can be tailored to the needs of the site.


Changing the future of transportation means thinking differently.

In house built vehicles that are capable of working on the toughest of terrain enabling our customers to access hazardous environments without putting their people in harms way. 

Dynamic solutions, unmatched mobility, stability and versatility with the ability to complete missions on contoured, steep and unstable terrain.

Using groundbreaking perception-enabled sensor technology, the robot, a fully driverless vehicle is able to perform high precision positioning solutions.

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A different approach, using a new method of service delivery.

The core advantages of using Jevons Robotics:

> Electric battery as a standard offer across the portfolio - Zero tailpipe emissions

>Access to multiple levels of autonomy outcomes from line of sight through to the ability for a single operator to run a "swarm" across your operation

>Payload agnostic vehicles allowing for the integration of multiple payloads onto a single chassis

>Ability to digitise the workflows of manual process improving operational outcomes and compliance requirements

>Unique commercial model delivering lower cost of operations and improved returns on your capital 

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